We offer a full editing service.

  1. If this is your first showreel with us, it costs £200 for the finished client approved edit. When you supply us with editable files. If you don’t know what an editable file is, tell us what you have and we’ll advise. Generally it’s anything that plays on a PC without a DVD, video tape or film.

    After that, additional clips are £35 per clip.
  2. If you don’t have editable files it’s £390. This fee includes us ripping the DVD’s into editable files from up to 8 DVD’s supplied. This is a very slow process hence the additional cost.

    After that, additional DVD clips are £65 per clip.

Of course, every showreel has different requirements due to the material we have to work with. Turnaround can be as little as 72 hours. However, this depends on you providing the information as to which specific scenes you want. If you want us to view and select the best scenes, this will for obvious reasons increase the delivery time of your first proof reel to view.