Here at Showreel Edit, we believe less is more. Less running time, as you can guarantee the casting director has a lot more than just your reel to view. It’s the end of the day and they’ve watched 50 reels and they put yours on. It’s short, it’s sweet and they are grateful for that.

But seriously we believe you should start with a bang. Soften a little then end with a bang. Always choose your best stuff. You know the work that just flowed not the one your not happy with. No one wants to see your entire body of work except your mum. Always get a second opinion from someone you trust, not just someone who will be easily impressed.

…Be very selective:

Choose your clips with care. Sometimes you need the clip with that other actor in. But mostly you don’t. Make sure the clip flows

…The hook:

Like a good song a showreel needs a hook,. It’s the hook that sells the song and it will be the hook that gets you noticed. Best clips first and last.

…Shall I, shan’t I:

If you have asked yourself that about a clip. It’s probaly a no. That said always send it with a note of your doubt.

We will work on your reel until you’re happy.